How period tracking apps and data privacy fit into a post-Roe v. Wade climate

todayMay 13, 2022

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Here’s a roundup of the biggest topics of conversation last week on WURD Radio.

Roe v. Wade: Lydia X. Z. Brown, policy counsel with the Center for Democracy & Technology’s Privacy and Data Project, joined Wake Up With WURD to talk about how period tracking apps and data privacy fit into a post-Roe v. Wade climate. https://soundcloud.com/onwurd/wake-up-with-wurd-5-11-22-lydia-x-z-brown 

Child Welfare: Dorothy Roberts, J.D., professor of Africana Studies, Law & Sociology at the University of Pennsylvania, is author of a new book called “Torn Apart: How the Child Welfare System Destroys Black Families — And How Abolition Can Build a Safer World.” She also will be recipient of the Juvenile Law Center Leadership Prize and discussed both on WUWW. https://soundcloud.com/onwurd/wake-up-with-wurd-5922-dorothy-roberts 

Disinformation Campaign: All Voting is Local’s Pennsylvania State Director Scott Seeborg discussed a disinformation campaign happening nationally with a movie called “2000 Mules” and its impact on the Philadelphia area. https://soundcloud.com/onwurd/reality-check-51222-scott-seeborg 

Homeownership: Lisa Wise, owner of Flock, a Washington, D.C.-based family of real estate companies, discussed her work to provide grants for first-time Black and Brown homebuyers. https://soundcloud.com/onwurd/reality-check-51122-lisa-wise 

Business Diversity: Constance Yvonné Jones is Senior Director, Field Services, with the National Minority Supplier Development Council. She discussed the work NMSDC engages in to advocate for and support minority businesses. https://soundcloud.com/onwurd/reality-check-5922-constance-yvonne-jones 

Prisons: Philadelphia Prisons Department Commissioner Blanche Carney discussed understaffing and prison conditions. https://soundcloud.com/onwurd/the-source-w-andrea-lawful-sanders-552022-commissioner-blanche-carney 

COVID News: Dr. Anuli Mkparu joined The Source to give an update on coronavirus and other news in public health. https://soundcloud.com/onwurd/the-source-w-andrea-lawful-sanders-552022-dr-anuli-mkparu 

Business: Tanya T. Morris of Mom Your Business talked about her company and entrepreneurship. https://soundcloud.com/onwurd/the-source-w-andrea-lawful-sanders-552022-tanya-t-morris 

Mental Health: Dr. Faith Dyson-Washington, CEO of Community Behavioral Health, joined Evening WURDs for a mental health check-in for May’s Mental Health Awareness Month and offered best practices for confronting hurdles. https://soundcloud.com/onwurd/evening-wurds-51122-faith-dyson-washington 

Black Police: David Fisher and Stephanie Purnell, president and vice president of the National Black Police Association, discussed the organization and what it works to do for Black police officers and the community nationwide. https://soundcloud.com/onwurd/evening-wurds-5522-david-fisher-and-stephanie-purnell 

Business: Stomping Grounds Coffee House manager Kim Paulus and trainee Lanette Mason discussed the coffee shop’s mission to train youth in proper business operations. https://soundcloud.com/onwurd/evening-wurds-51022-kim-paulus-lanette-mason 

Scholarship Opportunity: David Hardy joined CrossWURDz to talk about the Lifeline scholarship, which helps inner-city kids transfer to private schools. https://soundcloud.com/onwurd/crosswurdz-51022-david-hardy 

Mental Health: Savory & Sweet host Tonya Hopkins discussed how our food traditions connect to our mental health. Dr. Jason Branch also spoke on CrossWURDz about mental health in the Black community and how many issues stem from slavery.



Comedy: Franqi French discussed her upcoming show at Punch Line Philly, her journey to the comedy stage and how she landed a part on “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” https://soundcloud.com/onwurd/crosswurdz-5922-franqi-french 


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