WURD Radio is the only African-American owned and operated talk radio station in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (and one of only three remaining in the country).  Started in 2002, over the past 17 years WURD has evolved into a multi-media, multi-platform communications company that reaches deeply into the Black community through radio, events, digital and social media.  It is considered the go-to media channel to engage, interact and connect with Philadelphia’s Black community. 


WURD is unique in Philadelphia and throughout the nation. Our brand is built on the personal legacy of our founder, Walter P. Lomax, Jr., M.D. Dr. Lomax was a brilliant physician who established medical centers in underserved neighborhoods throughout Philadelphia to provide high quality health care to Black and Brown communities for over 30 years. His skill as a physician was matched by his drive and creativity as an entrepreneur. This combination led to a life-changing business partnership that, in 1989, garnered the largest state contract at that time ever awarded to an African American company. This success spawned expansion which eventually led to the company being acquired by United Healthcare.


Always a generous, philanthropic person, Dr. Lomax used his newly created wealth to continue to benefit the community by creating a foundation that supported African American arts organizations, economic empowerment and health outreach. Additionally, he made several critical investments in Black-owned businesses. One of his most ambitious acquisitions was in 2003 when he purchased WURD Radio. He understood the power of ownership and the power of independent media. Through WURD he wanted to ensure that Philadelphia’s Black community had the ability to speak and be heard in their own voice. WURD continues this powerful legacy under the leadership of his youngest daughter, Sara Lomax-Reese, a journalist and media entrepreneur, who has assembled a dynamic team invested in protecting and preserving independent Black media.

About WURD Radio, LLC:

WURD Radio, LLC, the parent company of 900AM-WURD, was founded based upon the principle that communication and dialogue are central components to empowerment. WURD Radio, LLC is engaged in the business of original content creation, marketing and distribution across various communications platforms including radio, internet, and special events.

Sara Lomax Reese – President & CEO

Mike Thomas  – Chief Operator

Jos Duncan – Director of Product Management

Khaleef Aye  – Production Manager

Valerye Griffin  – Traffic Manager

Kwasa Mathis  – Morning Drive Producer and Digital Media Manager

Troy Wilmore –Executive Producer for “Reality Check”/Remote Broadcast Engineer/Technical Production Manager

Eric Nixon – Producer/Production Coordinator

Kala West – Producer

Breanna Brown – Administrative Assistant/Producer

Saundra Ali – Sales Account Executive

Lisa Desphy – Sales Account Executive

Cedra Walton – Sales Account Executive

Duane Lucas – Sales Account Executive

Tezarah Wilkins – Digital Engagement Consultant

Jeannine Kayembe – ecoWURD Project Manager

Tiffanie Stanard – Lively-HOOD Project Manager

David Fritz – Technical Producer

Mike Moore – Technical Producer

Jordan Booth – Technical Producer

Hello Helanah  – “Daybreak On WURD”

Solomon Jones – “Wake Up With WURD”

Charles Ellison – “Reality Check” and “Philadelphia City Council Live”

Black Women’s Leadership Council – “The Source”

Andrea Lawful Sanders – “The Source”

Tiffany Bacon – “The Source”

Dr. Aaron Smith – “The Source”

Sincerely Syreeta – “Happy Hour”

Eric Grimes – “Groundings ”

Dwayne D. Royster and Amadee Braxton – “Solutions On WURD”

Envy McKee – “The Envy McKee Show”

Joey Temple – “Messages in the Music”

Cody Anderson – “Electric Magazine”

Vikki Leach – “Electric Magazine”

Dr. Paul Hopkins – “Green Hour”

Chris Murray – “The Murray Report”

Dr. Emeka – “The Dr. Emeka Show”

Rev. Louise Williams-Bishop 

Michael Coard – “Radio Courtroom”

David Barnes – “New World View”

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