This week on WURD: Supreme Court broadens presidential immunity and punitive measures on homelessness, an organization striving for Black youth in STEAM fields

todayJuly 3, 2024 2

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Keir Bradford-Grey is a partner in Montgomery McCracken’s litigation department. She joined The Source with Andrea Lawful-Sanders to discuss last week’s presidential debate, Trump’s immunity from prosecution and the Supreme Court case to allow punitive fines or arrests for people living with homelessness.

Dr. Timothy Golden, visiting professor of philosophy at Whitman College and Wake Up With WURD contributor, joined Solomon Jones to discuss the Supreme Court decisions, what acts are covered in presidential immunity, and how Trump’s lawyers will leverage the decision in his hush money case and the Jan. 6 insurrection

Zach Schonfeld is a reporter at The Hill. He spoke with Reality Check’s Tonya Pendleton about Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s dissent on the presidential immunity ruling, stating “the president is now a king,” and the decision’s historical context.

Sabrina Talukder and Devon Ombres are members of the Center for American Progress. They joined Dr. James Peterson on Evening WURDs to talk about the wide range of the Supreme Court’s controversial decisions — including homelessness, abortion access, gun violence and centralizing executive powers.

Michelle Strongfields, MD, founder and director of IAMM Science Education Group, joined P.O.C. on ecoWURD Magazine to discuss the group’s mission to increase representation of ethically trained, community-focused Black and Brown youth in the sciences and address food insecurity in their communities.

Organizers Cinder Kuss, Lori Peterson and Tyrone Jones of Renters United Philadelphia joined Amadee Braxton on Solutions to talk about the unsuitable conditions at Odin Properties units. They described the below-satisfactory living conditions and their efforts to remedy the situation.


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Written by: Kiara Santos



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