Dr. Paul’s Holistic Health Hour

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Saturday 9:00 am 10:00 am

In the age of increased health disparities and high-priced prescription drugs, Dr. Paul Hopkins is the host of his own Saturday and Sunday radio show entitled “Dr. Paul’s Holistic Health Show” 9AM Saturdays and “The Green Hour” 3PM Sundays on WURD 900Am/96.1FM in Philadelphia. He explores various topics ranging from holistic health practices, herbs, supplements, detoxes, natural therapies, GMO’s, Toxic Foods, food sustainability, and much more. Dr. Paul’s spiritual quest for higher knowledge of Spirit, Mind, & Body led to him receiving his Master’s Certification in Chronic Disease Self-Management from Stanford University Patient Research in Palo Alto, CA. as an evidence base published researcher.  He also received his International Certification as a Doctor of Naturopathy from the International Board of African Thinkers, Ghanaian Traditional Healers, under the world-renowned Dr. Llaila O. Afrika School of Naturopathy and African Sciences. In 2016, Dr. Paul established his own International Humanitarian NGO organization as CEO and was honored by being accepted as an official United Nations Special Consultative Status representative with ECOSOC. Listeners tune in each week to become more informed and empowered about their health, clean living, political events, and the many World events that shape who we are and the decisions we make every day.

Dr. Paul’s Holistic Health Hour



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