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Wake Up With WURD 9.25.17 – Aaron Snyder and Bernice Panky
Wake Up With WURD 9.25.17 – Will Bunch
Wake Up With WURD 9.25.17 – David Slusky
Wake Up With WURD 9.25.17 – Chris Murray
Information Is The Best Medicine 9.23.17 – Dr. Biree Andemariam
Reality Check 9.21.17 – St Sen Kevin Parker

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Top 5 Live – Monday September 25

Trump administration changes travel ban countries; Kushner used private email account to talk to WH officials; GOP health bill in major peril; Trump’s reaction to NFL protests shows who should really be fired

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Pushback — Episode 9: Black-and-Blue with Rochelle Bilal 

Description:  In the season finale, former Philadelphia police officer and whistleblower Rochelle Bilal shares her views on the Thin Blue Line, the legacy of Frank Rizzo, double standards among police based on race, and why […]

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Race and Class Are the Biggest Issues Around Hurricane Harvey and We Need to Start Talking About Them

Our national conversation on Hurricane Harvey should be much like those about Charlottesville, Va., or Flint, Mich. But as the Houston area braces for much more flooding, that won’t happen until receding floodwaters reveal the […]

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Col. Guion Bluford – A Space Odyssey

Philadelphia native and aerospace legend Colonel Guion Bluford, the first African American astronaut, stopped by the WURD Radio studios to speak to host Stephanie Renée about the importance of STEM education, continuing to inspire talented […]


Nolan Williams – A Space Odyssey

WURD host Stephanie Renée chats with Nolan Williams, Festival Artistic Director for The Mann Center, about A SPACE ODYSSEY, an evening of orchestral celebration for African American astronaut Col. Guion Bluford, the poetry of Phyllis […]

Reality Check

Keir Bradford-Grey – Defender Association of Philadelphia

Vincent Thompson of WURD Radio interviewed Keir Bradford-Grey the Chief of the Defender Association of Philadelphia.