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Politics & Government

Reality Check: Unexpected Drama in the Philly D.A. Race?

Reality Check started watching an otherwise (and predictably) dull DA general election phase with interest when Philly Inquirer/Daily News political reporter Chris Brennan reported something about black Court of Common Pleas Judge Leon Tucker exploring a hostile takeover of Grossman’s GOP nomination perch.

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Wake Up With WURD

Top 5 Live- May 26th, 2017

7 am – Top 5 Live – Friday, May 26th   1. Jared Kushner is under scrutiny in the FBI’s Russia investigation Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, is under scrutiny in the […]

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Politics & Government

Reality Check: Really? Turnout was Good?

One couldn’t help but notice the Ghost of Low Voter Turnout haunting voter mood once more on Election Day. But let headlines and reigning wisdom from that day tell it, and Philadelphia witnessed a near holy, comet-sighting surge of voters.

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Race & Diaspora

Courageous Conversations RACE at the Crossroads

Talking about race can evoke fear, anger, misunderstanding. So it often remains the elephant in the room. This panel discussion asks the question, “What do we lose when we don’t talk about race and how could our lives improve if we did?”

Health & Wellness

The Healers, Part IV – Beverly Toporowski, M.D.

Part IV of our 2017 Healers series features Beverly Toporowski, M.D., a family medicine physician and practitioner of Energy Medicine. Dr. Toporowski bridges her western medicine training and spiritual training in a way that is both liberating and healing.

Health & Wellness

WURD’s Lunch & Learn Workshop at Independence LIVE! – Featuring Green Soul

Cooking demonstration and food sampling at Independence Live! with chef Benjamin Bynum, who shared the secrets of healthy cooking and eating from his restaurant, Green Soul.