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The Lounge 3.15.18 – Helanah Warren
The Lounge 3.15.18 – Dr. Patrick Le
Reality Check 3.15.18 – Quentin James & Stefanie Brown, CollectivePAC
Reality Check 3.15.18 – William Cunningham
Reality Check 3.15.18 – Gillian McGoldrick
Reality Check 3.15.18 – Councilwoman Cherelle Parker

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The Threeness of Being Black, American and a Woman  & Running a Radio Station While At It

W.E.B. DuBois once famously framed the duality of being Black and American as a “two-ness” or “double consciousness.” “An American, a Negro,” he wrote, “two souls, two thoughts, two unreconciled strivings; two warring ideals in […]

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ICYMI: A Recap of #BlackGirlMagic with the Stars of BLACK PANTHER

Before you make your way to theaters for the historic opening weekend of Disney/Marvel's BLACK PANTHER, it is worth it to refamiliarize yourself with the voices, works and vision of some of the film's leading characters.

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DISNEY: Doing Blackness Right (Finally) in 2018

No spoiler alerts necessary. I am merely here to sing praises and offer a Wakanda-style crossed arm salute to Ryan Coogler and any member of the Disney team who had the good sense to hire […]

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WURD Speaks: The Philadelphia Negro – Past & Present

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WUWW Interview with Juvenile Lifers: Shavonne Robbins & John Pace

Shavonne Robbins & John Pace, who were both sentenced to life as juveniles, share their story of how they ended up incarcerated and offer solutions to violence on Wake Up With WURD.


Philadelphia Gun Violence Claims a Beloved Youth Organizer

Mr. Terrance “TA” Williams of Philadelphia’s Youth Arts Self-Empowerment Project was fatally shot in mid-December.