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Blacks need to be a part of Rebuild projects in Philadelphia

Solomon Jones writes that Philadelphia's $500 million Rebuild project must include black workers. But he's skeptical, because in FY 2016, 63 percent of small city-funded construction projects included no people of color.

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Wake Up With WURD

Top 5 Live – Friday, June 23rd

7 am – Top 5 Live – Friday, June 23rd 1. Trump: I did not make recordings of Comey President Donald Trump did not record his conversations with fired FBI Director James Comey, he tweeted […]

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Criminal Justice

Why won’t the NRA speak up for Philando Castile?

A licensed gun owner was killed by police. Solomon Jones wonders why the NRA isn't speaking up. Could race be the reason why?

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Arts & Entertainment

WURD & The Literary Café chat with Donald Bogle

MOJO host Stephanie Renée caught up with her former professor Donald Bogle to celebrate the release of his latest biography on Hollywood history. See more here.

Race & Diaspora

Courageous Conversations RACE at the Crossroads

Talking about race can evoke fear, anger, misunderstanding. So it often remains the elephant in the room. This panel discussion asks the question, “What do we lose when we don’t talk about race and how could our lives improve if we did?”

Health & Wellness

The Healers, Part IV – Beverly Toporowski, M.D.

Part IV of our 2017 Healers series features Beverly Toporowski, M.D., a family medicine physician and practitioner of Energy Medicine. Dr. Toporowski bridges her western medicine training and spiritual training in a way that is both liberating and healing.