This week on WURD: Dr. Robin Smith, A mother’s grief and educating Black children

Written by on December 16, 2021

ICYMI: Here’s a roundup of the biggest topics of conversation this week on WURD Radio.

Empowering WURDS: Dr. Robin Smith, best known as the therapist in residence on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” is the keynote speaker for WURD’s Empowerment Experience! She spoke to Evening WURDS’ Nick Taliaferro to preview the event.

Spotlight on Camden: Camden, N.J., photographer Erik James Montgomery has been working on an ongoing series, “Camden Is … Bright Not Blight.” He joined Wake Up With WURD to discuss his project. 

A Mother Mourns: Daphne Brown joined Wake Up With WURD to talk about the murder of her only son, Sebastian. 

Credit Scoring: Aaron Klein, senior fellow in economic studies at the Brookings Institution, spoke with Reality Check host Charles Ellison about whether we should have credit scoring. 

Board Diversity: Madhusmita Bora is a writer, teacher and an award-winning multidisciplinary artist. She joined Charles to discuss her Lively-HOOD article on corporate board diversity. 

In the News: Healthcare Ready Executive Director Dr. Nicolette Louissaint joined Charles to give updates on the pandemic and the devastating weather that hit several states. 

Educating Black Kids: The Source’s Andrea Lawful-Sanders led a panel discussion about educating Black children and the challenges that exist due to a lack of understanding the history of public education and its impact on Black students’ success. 

Helping the Youth: Chekemma Fulmore-Townsend of the Philadelphia Youth Network spoke on The Source about the work PYN is doing in the city. 

Legal Advocacy: Keisha Hudson Brooks joined The Source to talk about the work the Philadelphia Defenders Association does in representing people who are on death row. 

BlackWURDS Book Club: Eric Battle, Dwayne Turner and Nancy Devard joined Evening WURDS for the 11th edition of the Black WURDS Book Club. They discussed the illustration collection “BLAM! Black Lives Always Mattered! Hidden African American Philadelphians in the Twentieth Century.” 

‘Tangled Titles’: Register of Wills Tracey Gordon spoke with Nick Taliaferro about the importance of her office and how it works to fix Philadelphia’s “tangled title” housing crisis.


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