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todayApril 14, 2023

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This past week was a big one in both local and national politics, and we’ve got you covered…

Mayoral race

  • Maria Quiñones Sanchez dropped out of the race to be the 100th mayor of Philadelphia. She joined Joann Bell to discuss her leaving the race.
  • The Philadelphia Board of Ethics accused mayoral candidate Jeff Brown of illegally coordinating with a Super PAC. Shane Creamer, executive director of the Board of Ethics, joined Evening WURDs to explain the role and purpose of the board and to break down what is going on with Jeff Brown’s campaign.
  • The Kids’ Campaign released a press release titled “Less Than Half of Mayoral Candidates Tell Voters What They’ll Do for Children.” Donna Cooper, executive director of Children First, and Wendy-Anne Roberts-Johnson, executive director of Need in Deed spoke with Nick Taliaferro about the Kids’ campaign and answered listener questions.
  • Derek Green also suspended his campaign to be mayor this week.

Other local politics

  • Philadelphia Sheriff Rochelle Bilal has been accused of seeking $2 million from City Council in order to double her salary. She joined Joann Bell and Solomon Jones to provide her side of the story.
  • The crowded and complex race for city council seats is only just getting started, listen to Nick Taliaferro speak with candidates on Evening WURDs about their campaign platforms.

National politics and news

  • Temple Professor Linn Washington Jr. appeared on Wake Up With WURD to talk about the latest battles on race and racism in the Tennessee Statehouse with the expulsion of State Reps Justin Jones and Justin Pearson over gun violence protests.
  • In light of recent shootings in Philadelphia and the mass shootings in Louisville, Ky. and Nashville, Tenn., Jessica Beard, a trauma surgeon and the director of research at The Philadelphia Center for Gun Violence Reporting spoke with Nick Taliaferro on Evening WURDs about how the media talks about gun violence.



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