Decades after the MOVE bombing, a brother finally reclaims his sisters’ remains

todayAugust 10, 2022

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ICYMI: Here’s a roundup of the biggest topics of conversation last week on WURD Radio.

MOVE Bombing: Lionell Dotson and attorney Dan Hartstein joined Wake Up With WURD to discuss finally being able to reclaim the remains of Dotson’s sisters, who were just 12 and 14 years old when the city of Philadelphia dropped a bomb on an Osage Avenue home, killing them and nine others. https://soundcloud.com/onwurd/wake-up-with-wurd-8422-lionell-dotson-and-daniel-hartstein 

Nichelle Nichols: Film and TV critic Tim Gordon discussed the death of actress Nichelle Nichols, who portrayed Lt. Nyota Uhura in “Star Trek: The Original Series.” https://soundcloud.com/onwurd/wake-up-with-wurd-8-1-22-tim-gordon 

School Diversity: Jacqueline Nowicki, the U.S. Government Accountability Office’s director of education, workforce and income security, discussed a report about how the U.S. student population is more diverse but schools are still very segregated. https://soundcloud.com/onwurd/wake-up-with-wurd-71822-jacqueline-nowicki 

The Promise: Mike Banks is executive director of The Promise, a public-private anti-poverty coalition powered by United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey. He joined Reality Check to discuss the next step of the Jobs & Opportunity Challenge: the launch of 30 record-clearing clinics in 30 weeks and the grantees who will host them. https://soundcloud.com/onwurd/reality-check-72822-mike-banks 

Elections: Scott Seeborg, Pennsylvania state director for All Voting is Local, joined Reality Check to discuss key upcoming dates and other election issues and news. Marc Levy of The Associated Press discussed how Republicans have sued again in an attempt to throw out Pennsylvania’s mail-in voting law. 



Violence: Lawanda Horton Sauter, president and CEO of Mission Incorporated, discussed the ongoing violence in Philadelphia and how Philly Got Barz, a nonprofit group that showcases young emcees in the Philadelphia area, can help. Rosewood, Divine Fortson and Queen Yazzy B also joined The Source to discuss the nonprofit’s future plans.



Career Development: Kena Sears, director of professional education and workforce initiatives at Drexel University, spoke about Drexel’s Manufacturing Career Development Program, which helps people learn different skills and earn certifications in various workforce areas to increase their odds of being hired.


Domestic Politics: Joel Searby, national political director for the Forward Movement Political Party, joined Evening WURDs to discuss the new political party’s goals and aspirations.


International Politics: Public safety and security expert Ben Mannes discussed the proposed prisoner exchange of WNBA player Brittney Griner for Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout. https://soundcloud.com/onwurd/evening-wurds-8222-ben-mannes 

Lottery: Jonathan D. Cohen, author of “For a Dollar and a Dream: State Lotteries in Modern America,” talked about the evolution of the lottery. https://soundcloud.com/onwurd/evening-wurds-8222-dr-jonathan-d-cohen 

Technology: Sherrell Dorsey, founder of The Plug, a Black tech and innovation publication, and WURD CEO Sara Lomax-Reese joined CrossWURDz to discuss the relaunch of their partnership to cover the Black and Brown tech ecosystem in Philly. Check out the first of a regular segment, “The Plug on WURD.” This week, local reporter Alesia Bani discussed stories she has been covering for The Plug. https://soundcloud.com/onwurd/crosswurdz-8322-ther-plug 

Coins & Conversations: Joanna Jane shared how parents can help their children build credit in college via real estate. https://soundcloud.com/onwurd/crosswurdz-8122-joanna-jane 

Interfaith Conversations: CrossWURDz co-host Kala J spoke with communications professional Aliya Khabir about the annual hajj trips Muslims take to honor Allah. https://soundcloud.com/onwurd/crosswurdz-72822-alyia-khabir 

Black Business: Andre Andrews joined Savory & Sweet host Tonya Hopkins, aka “The Food Griot,” to talk about his business, Dre’s Water Ice and Ice Cream. https://soundcloud.com/onwurd/savory-sweet-7312022-andre-andrews 

Cuisine: Culinary entrepreneur Heather Johnston also joined the show to discuss food, wine and the trials, tribulations and triumphs of being a business owner. https://soundcloud.com/onwurd/savory-sweet-7312022-heather-johnston 


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Written by: WURD Radio

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