WURD’s 2022 Election Guide

todayNovember 7, 2022

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Voting resources: Where and how to vote 

Make sure to tune in for WURD’s election day coverage to stay informed.

Election prep with Nick Taliaferro

Nick Taliaferro seeks out the answers to the questions you may have about voting in the Evening WURDs Election Prep Series.

From the topic of Christian nationalism to how we vote in favor of education, this series is focused on helping our listeners to make informed decisions. To listen go to: https://soundcloud.com/onwurd/sets/evening-wurds-election-prep

2022 Voter Engagement Forums

WURD Radio partnered with AARP and Keystone First to bring a series of live voter engagement forum broadcasts to the Black community ahead of this year’s election.

Charles Ellison and Joann Bell hosted honest discussions on voter rights and voter engagement in a nonpartisan fashion.

If you weren’t able to tune in during the live broadcasts, you can listen to all three voter engagement forums here: https://soundcloud.com/onwurd/sets/2022-voter-engagement-forum

The WURD voting archives: See what the candidates have said on WURD

The WURD Voting Archives is a timeline of WURD interviews from the major party candidates running in the Pennsylvania 2022 midterm election. WURD reached out to all candidates during this election season. To listen go to: The WURD voting archives.

See Savory and Sweet’s Tonya Hopkins in the Amazon Prime documentary James Hemings: Ghost in America’s Kitchen 

On Oct. 30 during the latest episode of Savory & Sweet, host Tonya Hopkins aka The Food Griot talked with Anthony Werhun, producer and director of the award-winning documentary “James Hemings: Ghost In America’s Kitchen.” He shared some #behindthescenes scoops on this long-awaited documentary that came out on Amazon Prime, Nov. 4! 

This week in Black history

We’re changing things up to talk about an important moment in Black electoral history that happened 54 years ago this week

A look back on Shirley Chisholm’s historic 1968 House victory

Published Nov. 6, 2018: Shirley Chisholm’s celebrated win on election night, Nov. 5, 1968, still resonates with today’s election cycle, 50 years later. She became the first Black woman ever elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. Over the years, her victory is often cited as inspiration for women running for public office. NPR has the full story.

Local politics: Kenyatta Johnson and Dawn Chavous acquitted 

Philadelphia’s 2nd District City Councilman Kenyatta Johnson joined Michael Coard after being found not guilty in his second trial on honest services wire fraud charges. He also gave an update on his legislative agenda. Listen to the interview here: https://soundcloud.com/onwurd/city-council-11322-city-councilman-kenyatta-johnson

Watch: D.A. Larry Krasner facing impeachment: criminal justice reform in the crosshairs

A Preview of November’s “Meet the BIPOC Press” on The Laura Flanders Show

Can a predominantly white state legislature overturn the votes of a predominantly Black city? Philadelphia’s District Attorney Larry Krasner was elected to office in 2017 with a reform agenda, but Republicans have targeted him ever since. 

In October, Republican State Rep. Martina White filed articles for impeachment on the last day of business before the midterm elections. Sunday, Nov. 6, on “Meet the BIPOC Press,” URL Media co-founder Sara Lomax-Reese is joined by Laura Flanders, the D.A. himself, and Charles Ellison, host of WURD Radio’s ‘Reality Check’ program, to talk about the impeachment effort against Krasner and the threat it poses to democracy. 

Watch the premiere below:



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