This week on WURD: The insurrection anniversary, COVID test site issues

Written by on January 7, 2022

ICYMI: Here’s a roundup of the biggest topics of conversation this week on WURD Radio.

Thursday marked the one-year anniversary of the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol. Below is a roundup of WURD’s reflections on the day, including interviews with:

  • Karl Racine, attorney general of the District of Columbia 
  • Craig Harrington, senior research fellow for Media Matters
  • Lauren Victoria Burke, media owner and independent journalist 
  • Dr. Robert Pape, professor of political science at the University of Chicago
  • Jay McCalla, political consultant
  • John Fetterman, lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania 

COVID Test Site Issues: James Garrow, the communications director for the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, spoke with Wake Up With WURD’s Solomon Jones about COVID-19 testing site issues and how to protect yourself. 

Video Games & White Supremacy: Daniel Kelley, director of strategy and operations for the Anti-Defamation League’s Center for Technology and Society, joined WUWW to discuss how video games are being used to spread white supremacy. 

Disability Care Staffing Crisis: Reporters Juliette Rihl and Colin Deppen joined the show to discuss their recent article on how low pay is causing a staffing crisis for disability care. 

Political Project: John Bonifaz is a constitutional lawyer and president of Free Speech For People. He spoke on the show about his project urging chief election officials to abide by Section 3 of the 14th Amendment and ban insurrectionists (including Donald Trump) from running for re-election. 

Gas Leaks: Melissa Ostroff, a Pennsylvania field advocate at Earthworks, spoke with show host Charles Ellison about her commentary in the Philadelphia Citizen on PGW’s gas leaks.  

Fatal Fairmount Fire: Former Philadelphia Fire Department Commissioner Derrick Sawyer joined Evening WURDS to discuss what causes fires to spread rapidly in homes, following the Fairmount rowhouse fire that killed 12 people Wednesday. 

Peter Spencer Case: Tim Stevens, founder of The Black Political Empowerment Project, spoke with show host Nick Taliaferro about the killing of Peter Spencer and the project’s fight for justice on the west side of Pennsylvania.  

Police-Community Relations: Altovise Love-Craighead, chief inspector of the Philadelphia Police Department’s Community Relations Bureau, and Community Relations Bureau inspector Jae Thomas joined the show to discuss their goal to reform the bridge between the community and law enforcement.


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