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June 22, 2023

Media contact: Ashanti Martin, General Manager; 914-297-8077


Existing shows are moving to new time slots; WURD welcomes a new host; and Rev. Al Sharpton will air live in the afternoons

PHILADELPHIA — On Monday, June 26, WURD Radio, the only independently Black-owned talk radio station in Pennsylvania, will debut a revamped morning and afternoon lineup featuring established and new voices.

The morning drive starts one hour earlier when WURD host Andrea Lawful-Sanders and her show The Source move to the 5 to 7 a.m. time slot. After Wake Up With WURD with Solomon Jones, which will remain in the 7 to 10 a.m. position, WURD listeners will hear Reality Check with Tonya Pendleton from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Pendleton has served as a substitute host since March and will now be the show’s permanent host.

Rounding out the changes is the movement of Keepin’ It Real with the Rev. Al Sharpton to the 1 to 4 p.m. time slot. Previously airing at 9 p.m., this move allows the Philadelphia market to listen to Sharpton’s show live, offering the ability to call in.

Andrea Lawful-Sanders

The weekly Black Women’s Leadership Council show will move from Wednesdays to Fridays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. These changes follow the recent addition of journalist Ernest Owens as host of City Council Live, airing on Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. when council is in session. Evening WURDs with Nick Taliaferro and Love and Life with Carol Riddick will remain in their 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. time slots, respectively. 

“These changes will diversify our lineup by introducing a wide range of topics and discussions to the broadcast day,” said WURD Radio General Manager Ashanti Martin. “The Source with Andrea Lawful-Sanders will continue to center health, community and financial empowerment with a fresh focus on news you need to know for your day. On Reality Check, Tonya Pendleton will conduct penetrating interviews with fascinating guests and newsmakers. And Rev. Al Sharpton as always has his finger on the pulse of Black power in politics. I believe WURD listeners will find these changes to be refreshing and engaging.”

Lawful-Sanders joined WURD in December of 2019. Her work in education, advocacy, consulting and communications is rooted in the belief that it takes a village to develop children and adults into the best versions of themselves. On The Source, Lawful-Sanders strives to inspire positive change through no-holds-barred dialogue, transparent storytelling and plenty of humor.

“We are moving to a new time slot with a new format but the same commitment to inspiring, informing and loving unapologetically,” Lawful-Sanders said. “Early mornings are when people are looking for motivation and empowerment. I look forward to helping our listeners start the day with intention and purpose.”

Tonya Pendleton

Writer, editor and multimedia professional Tonya Pendleton has explored the joy and tumult of Black culture, its architects and its aficionados for two decades. She has snowboarded with Ja Rule, sang background for Will Smith and shared helicopter rides with Sean “Diddy” Combs. Her work has led to appearances on classic TV shows like VH-1’s “Ultimate Albums” and “Behind the Music.” Pendleton is also host and producer of the weekly show “Things to Do” on WHYY.

“It’s an honor to be on a radio station that so many people rely on,” Pendleton said. “Independent Black-owned media is needed now more than ever, and I’m proud and humbled to be part of the legacy of Dr. Walter P. Lomax, Jr. that has been continued by his daughter, Sara Lomax. I’m looking forward to providing listeners and the public a place to find credible information about issues that concern us and empower them to make change wherever they are.”

The Source will air Monday through Friday. Reality Check airs from Monday through Wednesday; on Thursdays when City Council is in session, WURD airs City Council Live; Reality Check will air on Thursdays during the council’s recess. Keepin’ It Real will air Monday through Thursday.

Rev. Al Sharpton

“This is an exciting moment for Keepin’ It Real to return live to listeners in Philadelphia,” said Rev. Al Sharpton, Founder and President of the National Action Network. “There are real issues in our community that call for a real-time dialogue on how we can advance social justice in Philadelphia and across the nation. I’m excited to hear from Philadelphians live about what they’re going through and how they’re Keepin’ It Real.”

Listeners can hear the new lineup by tuning in to WURD on the radio at 900AM and 96.1FM; streaming live at; on WURD TV via the WURD website, the Facebook page, and Twitch; and the WURD Radio app, which can be downloaded free on all mobile devices. 



WURD Radio is the only Black-owned and operated talk radio station in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2023, over the past two decades WURD has evolved into a multi-media, multi-platform communications company that reaches deeply into the Black community through radio, events, digital and social media. It is considered the go-to media channel to engage, interact and connect with Philadelphia’s Black community.


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Written by: WURD Radio

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  1. Eric Horton on June 23, 2023

    What happed to Dr. Kelly’s 6am show? Please advise, Thanks

  2. Julie Audrey Ward Carnegie on June 23, 2023

    We’re More Strenghthened More Enlightened Because of Our Esteemed WURD Staff and The Lomax Visionaries. Thank You for believing in Our Philadelphia Community.

  3. Luci G. Ryan on June 23, 2023

    Did not see Shamori, Michael Coard, Joanne (union ladies), or Solomon Jones???

  4. Viola Richberg Gray on June 23, 2023

    Hello: I don’t see a time slot for Vikki Leach.

  5. Louise Wright on June 25, 2023

    Good afternoon everyone.. I like to know how Mrs Saunders feel about being on air 8 hours earlier & I’m hoping that she’ll keep her 1:00 pm listeners. I’m very excited bout Rev Al being on live & I hope I’ll hear his 9:00 pm listeners bc I truly love their input!! I may not call much at all but an avid listener & comment & 15-18 year member!!!

  6. Sharon Rush on June 28, 2023




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