Breaking Bread

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Sunday 11:00 am 12:00 pm

Breaking Bread with Tiffany Bacon highlights the cultural importance of social connection while dining. Each week the host will explore conversations with special guests, mix in food-focused discussions with conversations about health and wellbeing, music, the media, film and television, literature, and pop culture — all while dining. 

This weekly program will highlight food from a local restaurant or eaterie featuring selections from their menu enjoyed by Tiffany and her brunch guests. You can watch this show made for WURD TV at, Facebook, and Twitch! 

Join Breaking Bread for fascinating conversations with and about:

  • Local and national performers, theater and television artists
  • Innovative chefs, home cooks, fashionable foodies and beverage buffs about the art (and science!) of cookery, mixology and culinary creations
  • Discovering your lineage, family traditions and family history.
  • Eating or drinking to help keep our bodies and minds healthy, happy and whole.
  • Wisdom found within culinary cultures everywhere 
  • People making a significant impact on our culture in education, technology, cultural traditions, the performing arts and sports



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