Andrea Lawful-Sanders


Hailing from the beautiful island of Jamaica, Andrea Lawful-Sanders imparts the warmth, strength, and vibrancy of her Caribbean roots into every client, student, mentee, and audience that she serves across the country. For nearly three decades, her life’s work in Education, Advocacy, Consulting, and Communications have reflected the belief that “it takes a village” to develop both children and adults into the best version of themselves.

Her tenacious efforts have refined the lives and work of countless individuals, organizations and corporations, and she continues to gain momentum in this mission. Her commitment to producing tangible, measurable results that impact society for the better has earned her the title of Impact Investor. This also led to the creation of “ALawfulTruth,” a website and public persona that inspires positive change through no-holds-barred dialogue, transparent storytelling and plenty of humor.

“Muva Diva,” as she is affectionately called, was birthed out of the expressed desire from her social media audience to live a life of passion while confronting the hard truths in between where they are and where they aspire to be…and to do so with her assistance.

As the mother of two successful young men, wife of one nerd, and a woman who lives life fearlessly no matter what is thrown her way with unending rewards to show for her bravery, Andrea is here to pass on all the wisdom from her roots, while balancing the scales of past lessons and future happiness. Connect with Andrea on social media by liking the ALAwfulTruth Facebook page, her website, or email to book Andrea for your event keynote, diversity and inclusion training, personal coaching needs, and more.



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