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You’ve watched ecoWURD, our groundbreaking environmental justice journalism initiative, grow over the past few years from an idea to a movement. And ecoWURD is not only having conversations, it is actually starting them, citywide, statewide and nationwide. We don't need less of this conversation; we need more. To better serve you, ecoWURD proudly presents its latest bold effort: ecoWURD Magazine, hosted by P.O.C. Every Friday, at 10 a.m. Eastern, WURD […]

Born in the heart of Washington, DC, and raised in Glenarden, Maryland, Tamara Russell is a rising force dedicated to perpetually reshaping her community through an unwavering commitment to unity and positivity. A proud alumna of the first HBCU Cheyney University’s Class of 2014, she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Business Administration, a testament to her deep-seated passion for her craft. Upon graduation, Tamara Russell embarked on her journey by becoming an intern for the renowned journalist and author Solomon Jones on WURD 900 AM Radio Show.

Known by the P.O.C. (Proof of Consciousness), she is the visionary Founder and Host of REVIVE RADIO, an influential online broadcasting platform. She is a dedicated journalist and media correspondent for the collaborative REVIVE Media. Her interviews dive deeply, sparking dialogues encompassing politics, societal issues, entrepreneurship, music, healthcare, non-profit endeavors, and trending phenomena. When she’s not lending her voice to the microphone, she channels her energy into curating community conversations, enlightening workshops for the youth, actively engaging with community events, and generously volunteering for various community services.

In 2020, P.O.C. made history as the youngest African-American woman to secure a regular spot on the esteemed Philadelphia’s NPR WHYY station 90.9 FM. Her involvement extends to Philadelphia’s NPR PBS WHYY via the “N.I.C.E.” (News Information Community Exchange) Program and The Lenfest Institute for Journalism’s Constellation News Leadership Initiative Fellowship. Moreover, P.O.C. successfully completed the highly regarded 2023 Philadelphia Media Founders Exchange Fellowship. She proudly holds an honorary founding membership with the esteemed National Black Media and Press Association and actively contributes to For(bes) The Culture.

The National Black Media and Press Association Award for excellence in audio media was a crowning achievement at the start of her career. This accolade speaks to her tireless dedication, ceaseless hard work, and her unwavering mission to amplify voices through the captivating worlds of storytelling, arts, and entertainment.

Tamara Russell, also affectionately known as P.O.C. (Proof of Consciousness), is more than a name; she is a living, breathing brand that empowers individuals to REVIVE. Her mission is to revive life, inspire health, and awaken consciousness through media and mass communication.



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