Vikki Leach


Vikki LeachVernell “Vikki” Melvin was one of 11 children born on a farm in North Carolina, where her parents instilled a work ethic that served her far beyond her roots. After finishing high school, her dream of attending college was postponed because of her family’s inability to afford it. She moved to Philadelphia to join her sisters, Minnie and Ruth.

In Philadelphia, she would meet and marry the love of her life, Warren Leach, coincidentally from a small town less than 30 miles from her home. After working as a waitress, bank teller, and classroom assistant, Vikki attended the Wharton School of Business and earned a degree from Antioch University. In 1984, she launched her own business, hosting bridal extravaganzas, event planning and coordinating weddings.

In 1988, she met Cody Anderson, who introduced her to the world of broadcasting. For the next 34 years, Vikki worked under Cody’s tutelage and became his peer – making a home at WURD and going on to co-host Electric Magazine alongside Cody.



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