When you’re writing two weekly columns, doing television commentary and hosting a daily radio show, there’s very little glamour involved. In my darkest moments, I am huddled in a bathroom with a phone and computer.

WURD was on-hand to witness the celebration of Jeff Bradshaw’s long-awaited live CD project, HOME, featuring some of his talented friends in the music business and in life.

WURD caught up with the “Southern Hummingbird” TWEET during her recent swing into Philadelphia for the first live performance of her own material in 10 years.

As a single, unmarried and childless woman, I face more than my fair share of assumptions and questions about my motivations for something as simple as having a date to a social function.

As with most girls who benefited from growing up in a functional, two-parent household, there are qualities I’ve looked for in a mate that were modeled by my Daddy. I can readily admit that I’ve always been attracted to guys who are do-it-yourselfers, artistically visionary and talented, and handy. But there is a line.

In winter 2014, the White House launched the My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) initiative to leverage long-term mentorship to provide better outcomes for the millions of boys and young men of color suffering from the effects of widespread systemic discrimination, poverty, poor education and interactions with the criminal justice system.

Working collaboratively with The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, 900AM-WURD will host a town hall meeting to discuss youth violence and bullying in Philadelphia.

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