Solomon Jones | The scene was unlike anything we’d ever witnessed. An angry mob descended on Capitol Hill after attending a rally where President Donald Trump erroneously claimed the election was stolen and directed his followers to confront members of Congress. “We’re going to walk down there, and I’ll be there with you,” Trump [...]

That’s actually been a daunting question through a blend of several decades of white Irish and Italian descended Congressmen ruling the Philadelphia political machine despite the heavy residential composition of diverse, primarily Black voters. It’s been barely tolerated for as long as anyone growing up there can remember, even as its shape — through dramatic, questionable redesign — has […]

Congressman Chaka Fattah, the democratic U.S. representative for Pennsylvania’s 2nd congressional district for twenty years, was indicted on July 29 on racketeering charges for variety of corruption schemes spanning several years.

This past weekend, nearly 100,000 people flooded Selma, AL to commemorate the 50th anniversary of marches to show support for African Americans’ right to vote. President Obama delivered a moving speech considered by some to be his best since taking office.

WURD fam, election day is Tuesday, November 4 (7am – 8pm)!! Please exercise your right to vote — but educate yourself first by reading our breakdown of key questions, issues and candidate platforms. Click headline for more.

On August 15, “Wake Up With WURD” hosted an education panel featuring Dr. Toni Damon of Dobbins CTE High School, Leslie Acosta (candidate for the 197th Congressional District), education guru Thom Butler; activist Will Mega; and education advocate Isaac Patterson, V.

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