Saundra Ali


Saundra Ali – I started working at WURD in 2003. There were about six employees. Cody Anderson asked me to come work for the station because I was known for closing accounts and collecting money. We were a small, tight family.

We all shared multiple responsibilities. I was a sales manager, receptionist, kitchen and office manager, billing, celebrating birthdays, sending cards and flowers when needed to whomever. I was also known as the MOM at the station. It was a labor of love. After 20 years I can say it was a rewarding experience working with the most fabulous people in the city. I watched multiple administrations come and go each bringing their own special energy and gifts to make WURD what it is today. I am proud to still be working at WURD now as an independent contractor.

It has been a wild ride. There have been ups and downs and sometimes sideways. Always positive, always a blast. It has been a pleasure watching WURD and the impact it has on the community over the last 20 years. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with so many gifted people.



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