The Green Hour

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Sunday: 11/12/16 3:00 pm - 11/12/16 4:00 pm

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“Clean living…from the inside out” is The Green Hour mantra as heard on 900AM-WURD radio in Philadelphia, PA every Sunday. Hosted by Barbara Simmons, Jerome Shabazz and Nicole Brown, The Green Hour explores topics ranging from GMOs and food deserts to global warming and disaster recovery. The show raises awareness about our collective condition and offers listeners lifestyle solutions and the tools to regain control of their health and incorporate “sustainability” into their lives on a daily basis.

What is clean or “sustainable” living? Maintaining an intentional mindset and holistic practices that contribute to creating a healthy, happy and productive community within a thriving and nurturing global ecosystem that is optimized today and for future generations. Producers Laura Lomax and Michael Ledbetter created the program to bring clarity to the conversation about sustainability (including health, environment, social justice, culture and economics) featuring local, national and international guests to share their story, knowledge, and varied opinions.

In addition to hosting stimulating interviews, we are the trusted source for health and environmental news and views, guiding listeners through the clutter surrounding holistic health, green living and the interconnection between wellness of people and the planet. So now a more conscious consumer examines their daily lifestyle choices – what’s in our food, how to maintain balance, how to manage waste, transportation, impact of global warming, what can you do. This type of reflection includes an inside out approach, starting with the choices we make that have a lasting effect on the welfare of our world, today and into the future.

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