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Reality Check with Charles Ellison airs every Monday through Thursday from 4-7pm. Each day features important thought leadership, analysis and data on the politics, policies and people impacting our communities here and abroad, hosted by Charles D. Ellison — veteran political strategist and Philly native. Reality Check discusses the issues rippling through the nation’s capitals, state houses and city halls. If you need a reality check, tune in!

CHARLES D. ELLISON is an award-winning thought leader, political strategist, commentator and advocacy expert with nearly two decades of applied expertise in the arena of politics, public policy, campaigns and elections, crisis management and emerging/digital media strategy.

A North Philadelphia native, Ellison is Executive Producer/Host of the daily Reality Check on WURD radio (Philadelphia) and is widely known as the Washington Correspondent for The Philadelphia Tribune and Contributing Politics Editor for

He is a regular contributor to The Hill and is formerly Host/Executive Producer of The Ellison Report, a weekly podcast/radio broadcast public affairs program on WEAA 88.9 FM (Baltimore).  Every Sunday, he is the Washington Insider for the Politics Rewind on WDAS-FM (Philadelphia) and offers political analysis every Wednesday as guest host on the nationally syndicated Keeping it Real w/ Rev. Al Sharpton. He is a regular analyst for major metropolitan media outlets including WVON-AM (Chicago), WEAA-FM (Baltimore), WCHB-AM (Detroit), KSRO-AM (California) and KDKA (Pittsburgh). He was a weekly host on SiriusXM’s POTUS Channel and has been featured occasionally on such shows as MSNBC’s Hardball. He has appeared on CBS’ Face the Nation, as well as CNN, FOX News, BET, SkyTV, Al-Jazeera, ABC News and elsewhere. 

His work in the Tribune is syndicated. He has also been featured in major publications such as Politico, Pacific Standard, The Daily Beast, Philadelphia Magazine, The Miami Herald, The Chicago Tribune, The Washington Post, RealClearPolitics and elsewhere. He is former Chief Political Correspondent to UPTOWN Magazine, and the former Executive Editor for Politic365.

Ellison was nominated for the Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists 2015 “Journalist of the Year” Award and is recipient of the NAACP’s 2011 Leadership 500 award. A former Congressional speech writer, he advises candidates and elected officials on the local, state and federal level. He was also a Visiting Fellow at the George Washington University Institute for Politics, Democracy and the Internet, and Senior Fellow at the University of Denver’s Center for New Politics and Policy. A noted expert and online content executive, Ellison received the Washington, D.C. Top 40 Under 40 Award and his likeness was featured as part of an exclusive 2011 portrait series created by world-renowned artist Lisa Jones.

He can be reached @ellisonreport via Twitter.