Envy McKee


The Envy McKee Show

Officially? The Envy McKee Show aka Starfolk University (the onliest on air school for modern mystics) is hosted by Envy McKee, DJ Frosty Phenix (on the 1’s and 2’s) and a gorgeous star tribe of  "Deans" who show up as life explorers, thought leaders, metaphysicians, visionaries, imagineers, intuitives, psychics, oracles, witches, shamans and idea tinkerers who are here to build and birth The Beloved Community in themselves and on planet […]

A creative powerhouse and Hampton University alumna, Envy has been writing, hosting and producing award winning content for radio, tv, print and the web in the Philadelphia Metro Area for well over 15 years. She is an award-winning veteran of both music format (Radio ONE) and talk radio (WURD and WHAT), and regional TV’s Good Day Philadelphia (as a regular contributor). She’s currently an accomplished voiceover artist, SOUL-Fi author, audio and video producer, conversation guide, Blk Art amplifier, rare seed thrower, cat person, plant-based recipe crafter, Sagittarian, and Star People historian. She hosts The Envy McKee Show with DJ Frosty Phenix on Friday Nights 7-10pm.




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