Dr. Emeka Nwadiora


The Dr. Emeka Show

As a PhD and Professor of African American Studies at Temple University, Dr. Emeka’s unquenchable thirst for knowledge on the impact of slavery and colonialism drove him to engage in an in-depth study of these populations. Dr. Emeka brings  this knowledge filled with the flavors of African, African American and AfriCaribbean Religious, Literatures and Philosophies to the air each week offering a first hand perspective about the complexities of the diaspora. […]

Dr. Emeka Nwadiora is professor of Law, Ethics and Human Behavior at Temple University where he earned tenure and promotion in 1996. His intellectual, academic and practice backgrounds are centred in the domains of Law, Psychiatry and Mental Health of Immigrants and African/African Americans.
He earned the WEB Dubois Award for Excellence in Teaching from the University of Pennsylvania and the Violet Ketels Award for Teaching Excellence at Temple University.He has published widely on law, religion, immigration and mental health and the persistent traumatic psychopathologies of enslavement and colonialism.
Emeka earned his first PhD from Howard University in Clinical Social Work/Psychology  and thereafter,his second doctorate in African/African American Studies from Temple University.
Dr. Emeka later received his Juris Doctor, the JD from Hofstra University and the advanced law degree LLM from Temple University. He joined WURD Radio in 2004 as the host of the Dr. Emeka Show.



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