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From Consumer to Creator: How Black Communities Can Transform Technology Consumption Into Economic Power

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From Consumer to Creator: How Black Communities Can Transform Technology Consumption Into Economic Power 

Black millennials are closing the digital divide with their avid use of mobile technology. Their engagement on social media also tops the charts, especially in raising awareness of issues in the black community. A recent Nielsen report has stated that “Black Millennials are leading the way in their use of technology to impact change and get their voices heard.”

This report comes in the wake of scrutiny of the nation’s tech sector for its inability to increase the diversity of its mostly white and Asian workforce to compete in an increasingly global marketplace, and as African-American buying power is on the rise.

This 2017 Philly Tech Week WURD/WILCO panel will examine how underrepresented minority communities can best transition from being the highest consumers of technology, to also participating as creators of technology. We’ll look at ways the tech community can increase diversity in its organizations by valuing the economic buying power of the Black community — and how the Black community can leverage its over-consumption of technology to build wealth and accelerate economic empowerment.


Jamie M. Bracey, Ph.D. – Director, STEM Education, Outreach & Research; Founding Director, Pennsylvania MESA – Temple University College of Engineering

Dean Harris – Senior Managing Partner, Silicon Philosophies and CEO, Freehaven Media, LLC 

Michelle J. Johnson, Ph.D. – Director, Rehabilitation Robotics Lab; Assistant Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation; Assistant Professor in Bioengineering – University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

Kevin R. Johnson, Ed.D. – President and CEO, Opportunities Industrialization Center of Philadelphia

Timothy A. Reese – Technologist and Finance Officer; Former State Treasurer of the Commonwealth of PA

Moderator – Brigitte F. Daniel, Esq. – Executive Vice President, Wilco Electronic Systems, Inc.

Doors open at 11:30 a.m., event begins at 12 p.m.



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