Special Broadcast: 215 People’s Alliance – Healing Our Community

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Date: April 19, 2021
Time: 10:00 am

Together we are building a Philadelphia where we are safe and “where  all members, of every community” can regularly access the resources needed to heal and thrive. But for decades, some politicians have cut funding for libraries and rec centers, let our schools fall apart, and failed to create good paying jobs, all while blaming us for the growing poverty and violence their failures have created. Instead of funding the solutions that would provide security for our families and a future for our children, politicians have doubled down on broken policies that violently police Black and brown neighborhoods then lock people up for years, while failing to keep us safe.

In this segment we’ll lift up that people are capable of healing and transformation by hearing the stories of those who have either been victims of violence or been the perpetrator of violence. We want to engage with the audience in a discussion about the root causes of why our communities are experiencing violence and mass incarceration, and connect the dots to solutions that invest in the resources needed so that our communities can thrive.

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