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I am generally OK with my decision not to have children. But every now and then, something will trigger my latent maternal instincts. Remind me that some of the things I hold dear will indeed end with me.

Oh, Mercury Retrograde…you trickster, you! Can always count on you to remind me of what and who I love most, and give me a chance to get my life right. Literally.

It is physically impossible to affirmatively respond to each and every request to appear at events and speaking engagements. But lately, the benefit to selectively deciding to show up and be counted has been clearer than ever before.

Solomon writes: A string of government studies has shown that black children are treated differently. The latest, a scathing Justice Department report on the juvenile-justice system in St. Louis County, Mo., found that when black youth get in trouble, they are treated more harshly than whites.

After decades of running and resisting, Sonia Sanchez locked down a permanent residence in Philadelphia. And after 30 years or so, her vast influence in this amazing-but-troubled city is finally being fully celebrated.

When we fail to prioritize learning, we fail to prioritize our children. It is children, after all, who most poignantly illustrate the passage of time. And if our children don’t matter, then all the talk of marriage in our society is empty, selfish rhetoric, designed to create hollow pleasures that don’t last.

900AM-WURD, Cigna Healthspring, Comcast and the Free Library of Philadelphia are partnering for the 5th annual Summer of Freedom Tour, hosted by The MOJO’s Stef Renee!

It’s not too late to register for GSK Science in the Summer™ at select Philadelphia libraries. Science in the Summer is a fun, free education program that seeks to instill a love of learning in children across the country through exciting, hands-on experiments.

I spoke with Democratic mayoral nominee Jim Kenney in the days after his convincing victory over a field of five competitors. The wide ranging interview covered jobs, education, marijuana decriminalization and gentrification, but Kenney saved his most interesting comments for the prison system.

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