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BLM Justice Matters Forum

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On Friday May 12th, Black Lives Matter Philly and Witnesses to Hunger will host two consecutive Q&A forums. The first forum will be comprised of the 2017 candidates for Judge of the Court of the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas. The second forum will be composed of the 2017 candidates running for the District Attorney of Philadelphia. Both forums will be held at The Friends Center located at 1501 Cherry Street from 6:00pm – 8:30pm.
Within the landscape of criminal and social justice, the upcoming primaries are extremely important in shaping the future of the DAs office and The Court of Common Pleas — both which impact Philadelphians, especially people of color. A practical step toward ending Mass Incarceration is electing officials who clearly see the racial inequities within the criminal justice system and who are committed to administering justice that is both actively fair and balanced.
This forum will allow the candidates to explain their stance on matters relating to police profiling and targeting, stop and frisk, police brutality, case selection, judicial practices, and sentencing. We want to encourage black voters to head to the polls on May 16th and to be as informed as possible when they cast their vote.
All too often, policies and programs are created without the participation of the people who are most affected.
This event is open to the public (Space Limited to 500 Attendees)
The #JusticeMatters Forum is sponsored by Black Lives Matter Philly and co-sponsored by Witnesses to Hunger.
The Black Lives Matter Network advocates for dignity, justice, and respect. Witnesses to Hunger work together in the fight to end poverty and hunger in America.
Witnesses to Hunger is a community advocacy organization that focuses on inspiring and empowering direct actions among those who know firsthand the experience of living in poverty. Learn more:

*Black Lives Matter Philly and Witnesses to Hunger will not and have not endorsed any candidates.
Black Lives Matter Philly and Witnesses to Hunger encourages all who are invested in an equitable justice system to attend.
All candidates running for District Attorney were invited.
Confirmed DA Candidates: Joe Khan, Lawrence Krasner, Jack O’Neill, Tariq El-Shabazz, Michael Untermeyer, and Teresa Carr Deni.
All candidates running for Court of Common Pleas were invited:
Confirmed Judicial Candidates: Henry Sias, Danyl Patterson, Vikki Kristiansson, Lucretia Clemons, Zac Schaffer, Mark Moore, Leon Goodman, Terri Michelle Booker, Stella Tsai, William Rice, Deborah Canty, Wendi Barish




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