David Barnes


David Barnes – I got my start in radio as an in-studio producer and board operator in 1995 at WHAT 1340 AM. In 1998 I began my radio broadcasting as an on-air radio personality at WHAT 1340 AM, where I produced and hosted what was called (African World View) between 1998 and 2001.

Two years later, in 2003, I began board operating at WURD 900-AM. I was the in-studio producer and board operator for the Frank Rizzo Jr. Radio Show (“Rizzo to The Rescue”). Then one day after Rizzo abruptly left the station, Cody Anderson allowed me to take over that show. That’s how I began the New World View Radio Program on Easter Monday 2003. It’s always easy for me to remember my anniversary day.

After a while the show was moved to Sunday evenings and has grown in popularity ever since, especially internationally, with guest interviews, hosts, and fans from all over the diaspora. Now that we are moving on up to Sunday afternoons 12 to 2 pm, ain’t no telling what we might do. Now the New World View is over 20 years long and still going strong.



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