Wake Up With WURD, hosted by Christopher “Flood the Drummer” Norris

  • Audit gun owners quarterly and create a registry. “You have to renew your firearms license. When it’s time for it be renewed, you should have to prove you actually are in possession of the guns.”  – Terrez McCleary, Co-Founder of Moms Bonded by Grief
  • Lawmakers must focus on helping to create family sustaining jobs, because many young men engage in violence due to a lack of options in their communities. – Alex Peay, Rising Sons
  • Create our own media to control our own narrative, so that we aren’t ignored in conversations about #GunViolence…. – Dr. Vibe, Dr. Vibe Show
  • Hassan @rook644 – I’m doing my part by hiring from the community…

Reality Check, hosted by Charles Ellison

  • There’s little expectation of gun laws being changed on the federal level. At the moment, real change in those laws – or a path to gun control – is on the state legislative level.
  • Black communities have been dealing with gun violence for decades, yet there is only a national outcry and movement when that violence hits suburbs or predominantly white communities.
  • Domestic violence is a major problem that must be addressed with as much rigor and passion as gun violence; domestic violence is a driver of gun violence.
  • However, communities are still not grappling or addressing domestic violence as well as they should.
  • There are parallels between this moment, this movement against gun violence and the youth-driven movements against the Vietnam War in the 1960s-1970s.
  • An expansion of opportunities and programs in the arts can help dramatically reduce violence.

The Lounge, hosted by Keaton Nichols

  • Students in Philadelphia schools and other urban area students are facing a different type of gun violence and they are ready to put solutions on the table. Not just suggestions but real solutions. Young people should be more thoroughly implemented into the civic process that affects them everyday as well. – Conversation with callers and Julien Terrell, Philadelphia Student Union
  • A district attorney’s office that doesn’t waste time with policy and practice that puts people in jail has a better opportunity to address the core of the city’s violent crime. – Brandon Patterson, motherjones.com
  • Continue to support candidates and legislators who aggressively challenge systemic issues in government.

Listen Below – Violence Collaborative: Discussions and Solutions



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