Why would some Black audiences boycott the new Harriet Tubman movie?

Written by on November 13, 2019

In a Black community dealing with the shooting deaths of numerous children in recent months, another story is vying for top billing — the proposed boycott of the Civil War-era biopic, “Harriet.”

It seems to be part of a disturbing pattern of Black folks telling each other not to support Black films.  And not just any Black films — Black films that tell the stories of African Americans who fought back against slavery.

Across Black Twitter and other social media platforms, a small but vocal segment of Black people are imploring other African Americans not to support the film. Based on the life story of Harriet Tubman, the film contains various fictional elements, but in my view, it captures the spirit of the woman who led so many enslaved people to freedom that she earned the biblical moniker, Moses.

However, capturing Tubman’s spirit isn’t good enough for some in the Black community. And that’s ironic because the movie has a Black female producer, Black female writer, Black female director, and an overwhelmingly Black cast. Yet there are Black folks out here saying the film’s not Black enough.

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  1. OniLuv   On   December 23, 2019 at 8:03 pm

    Shame on Hollyweird once again. Not that it has to be black enough, it has to be American enough! True American history where is it! I have researched, developed and portrayed Harriet Tubman for over 20 years and I refused to PAY my $$ to see the film for various reasons. Of all the African American actresses who would do Sister Tubman justice, Viola Davis, etc..etc…these airheads find a British sister with a jacked up weave! One who has no connection to our struggle! NONE. I also heard…yeah…thru the ghetto grapevine…the villian/pattyroller is a black man, once again bringing our kings down. When will the Caucasian ever get their own history straight! Well Django me! I am so done with Hollyweird’s version of our history. It only gets worse! I don’t care if the faces are black, director, producer, actors…we still have hollyweird Africans lost in Amerikka pandering to the distorted European view of our story. Ava, Spike, even get this, Ms. Oprah minus Tyler;-)…yawl really slept on this one! Harriet….could have freed more of us TODAY, if only they knew they were still slaves!

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