Why a black woman should be Philly’s next police commissioner

Written by on August 22, 2019

In a shocking turn of events, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross resigned Wednesday, just days after Mayor Kenney called him the best police commissioner in America.

I’m saddened by it, because I respect him.

There were certainly times when I had to speak, write and protest against systemic racism in the police department. In doing so, I knew Ross thought I was often too hard on police. But over time I think he came to understand that I don’t hate police. I simply love my people. And I came to understand that beneath the blue uniform he wore for 30 years, Ross is a black man.

As such, I’m sure Ross understands the unique challenges black men face. You can’t walk in a black man’s shoes for more than five decades, as Ross has done, without learning a thing or two about struggle.

Ultimately, though, the struggle of running the police department became a heavy load, especially when personal accusations were brought against him.

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