VIOLENCE FORUM: What More Can be Done by Government and Communities to Reduce and Prevent Violence in Philadelphia?

Written by on December 4, 2017

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Michell Browe

In our area here in Willingboro. We could…get seniors to come into the schools, encourage more home schooling, gun detectors in stores, schools, and community poles, gun safety classes in elementary school to familiarize the seriousness of gun control and introduce self worth and self esteem as a curriculum.

Patricia White

Let us live in a safe place. We have to stop killing our [future] or there will be [no one to] talk about where the guns are. Chase drugs out of [our] area, help people get jobs, ask for police to [patrol], and place responsibility on the parents. Ask them how you can help. Smile when you see a person trying. Praise good work. We must stop the hate between us. We must understand that we will not go forward as long as we keep pulling each other backward.

We need to take back our communities. How? The brother who lives in this violence needs to pay attention and stop with the silence. Tell on these people who refuse to.

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