Written by on April 20, 2020

The City, like the country, was unprepared for Covid-19, WURD’s midday host contends. How do we do better now?

At the time of publication, Pennsylvania has made its way into the top five states with the most coronavirus cases (just below Michigan) and it’s still in the top ten with the most Covid-19-related deaths.

For the Keystone State, Philadelphia is driving those numbers: There are over 9,500 cases and 370 deaths, according to the latest results from the City, and there is no firm end in sight.

And that’s only capturing what we know. Like much else in Philly and elsewhere, race, income, zip code caste systems and biases consciously or subconsciously inform the decision-making and information.

Much of the problem, as health supply chain and emergency response expert Dr. Nicolette Louissaint told Reality Check on WURD, is that “America is just not a culture of preparedness.”

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