The Quickening Must Be At Hand

Written by on June 5, 2016


quickening, spiritual–An inflow of divine vitality into the body, which follows the affirmation of Truth. To quicken is to make alive. The quickening of the Spirit in the mortal body makes it eternal and incorruptible, not subject to death and corruption.

Spiritual quickening is a waking up of the whole man to the full consciousness of what he is in the sight of God. The sense man is only half-awake, going about in a dream and thinking it is real life. The word of God is quick, and when it enters into a man he stands upright on his feet, his divine understanding, and he knows and sees himself as he is. He is wide awake, alert, quick, and powerful.

Like most of you, I woke up last Saturday morning to the heart-wrenching news that yet another one of my lifetime heroes and exemplars had made transition. It’s very difficult to articulate just how much I admired Ali. He was well on his way to retirement by the time I was old enough to begin connecting the dots of his legendary status in the boxing ring and as an outspoken champion for humanity and unapologetic Blackness. As you become a student of history, you learn that had Ali been Ali just 50 years earlier, it wouldn’t have been out of the question or uncommon to see him swinging from the branches of a Southern tree. He was every bit as magnificent as his boasts proclaimed, and in full possession of his Godlight power. If Malcolm X was our “Black shining prince,” Muhammad Ali was the Excalibur for an entire generation of people who understood that silence and skill wins us nothing.

As we now add Ali to the long list of extraordinary humans who have recently made transition, I cannot help but think that there is a spiritual revolution upon us. Most of you probably aren’t familiar with the sci-fi cult classic Highlander, but I loved the film series as a teen. Long story short, there is a “Chosen One” who must roam the earth engaging in sword fights and beheading other gifted combatants to absorb their spiritual energy and be the “only One.” They called the energy that drew these warriors to one another for their battles The Quickening. And when you consider that both Ali and Maurice White suffered from Parkinson’s Disease which severely limited their mobility and communications skills, that Prince was suffering from deep chronic pain, it seems almost logical that they might choose to leave the earthly plane and free their spirits to guide us in a more meaningful way from the great beyond.

Look around. Process the human failings that surround us every day, and think about what kind of good-God-Almighty energy it’s going to take to make a profound difference in this poverty and suffering. Now think about how much you FEEL when you hear an Earth, Wind & Fire or Prince song, and how many quotables Ali left us that spelled out his willingness to be a vessel for something far bigger than his daily walk. Now imagine how free he must feel to be loosed from a body that denied him his full abilities and what he might be able to conjure now that his physical vessel is at rest.

THAT is mojo, y’all. That is the kind of black magic we so desperately need to shake loose of all excuses and manifest greatness. Are you ready?

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  1. Julie Audrey Ward   On   June 6, 2016 at 7:45 am

    Not Yet. The Energy of Life in Truth; has engulfed the innate quality of our here and now, due to the Counsel of Elders and Ancestry. They are Our Champions, that are now Expecting for Us to Continue on with The Quickening of Bringing the Change Needed to Formulate a Chance for Humanity’s Survival. Standing Upright and Proud. The Branches of Life are still Connecting and Defining the Purpose of Our Existence. Our Guardians of Life, Truth, Freedom and Justice are not Smoldered; The Energies are now Instilled with yet another Champion. “Muhammad Ali” Ameen.

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