The Black List: Self-Determination in the Post-Obama Era

Written by on January 19, 2017

As of about noon on January 20, the “Age of Obama” will be over and a new President will be in place.

Members of the incoming administration have voiced disturbing views on matters of critical importance to our community. To name a few, we are facing the proposed repeal of the Affordable Care Act, an Attorney General nominee who claims to have considered joining the Ku Klux Klan, and a President-Elect who refuses to denounce support from radical white nationalist groups, has been sued twice for refusing to rent his properties to African Americans, and was quoted saying that “laziness is a trait in Blacks” (note: he denies saying this).

In 2016, WURD challenged the community to take a survey called “The Black List” — a personal assessment of how each of us can take steps to strengthen our community’s organizations, institutions and businesses. We urged you to be especially mindful of the need to protect and preserve independent Black media organizations like WURD, which rely on membership and financial support.

With a new administration on its way in, we remind you that it is more important than ever to embrace the power you have as an individual to shore up our community institutions, especially independent Black Media. As WURD station president Sara Lomax-Reese stated in the newsletter we sent just after the November election, “there are few independently owned media outlets that offer our community a place to speak and be heard, especially now when it seems our voices are being increasingly marginalized, ignored and silenced.”

As we gather our strength to meet the challenges we may experience with the new presidential administration, we remind you to consider supporting WURD by renewing your membership or becoming a forWURD individual or Small Business Member. You can call 215-425-7875, or visit our forWURD Membership web page for more information.

Here are the Black List questions once again – review them, and use your answers as fuel to strengthen our community:

1. Do you contribute to any Philadelphia Black arts and cultural institutions?
2. If you have a business, are you a member of the African-American Chamber of Commerce?
4. Do you support one of our Civil Rights institutions?
5. Do you have a bank account at United Bank?
6. Do you vote?
7. Do you support your religious organization or a religious organization that supports the community?
8. Do you contribute to an HBCU of your choice or the UNCF?
9. Do you patronize a Black-owned business every day/week/month/year?

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