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In the wake of the murder of Freddie Gray, the city of Baltimore has experienced shock, anger, polarized protesting and, sadly and counterintuitively, destructive violence and looting. The violence and looting have been denounced as “senseless”… but what we are seeing is NOT senseless.

Wake Up With WURD host Solomon Jones conducts a series of in-depth interviews with the mayoral candidates, addressing specific aspects of their records, and questions on pressing issues such as poverty, education, gentrification, and jobs. Former City Councilman Jim Kenney stopped by to speak with Solomon about his positions on these important issues and more.

Every day on Wake Up With WURD we list the Top 5 stories of the day. Today’s stories include Nutter names 24 to Police Community Oversight Board, Robert Bates speaking up on the Tulsa shooting, boat filled with Migrants capsizes in Mediterranean, 20th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing, and more.

De La Soul is my favorite hiphop group of all time. And as they near their 30th anniversary in the music business, they are rethinking their relationship with the creativity they love and seeking new collaborations and forms of expression to extend their storied career. I am watching and learning.

Last week the U.S. Department of Justice released a scathing report detailing years of racist, discriminatory and financially predatory practices by the Ferguson police department and other city offices. This week, high-ranking city officials are resigning right and left.

Speakers Shymara Jones and Seth Demartele. More about the rally and POWER at www.powerphiladelphia.org/news/black-liv­es-matter-protestors-plan-mlk-day-marchD­escription

Speaker Rodney Burney. More about the rally and POWER at www.powerphiladelphia.org/news/black-liv­es-matter-protestors-plan-mlk-day-march

“My gut feeling is if these boys are any other ethnicity or white—let’s just put it out there—would they have been sat down and stopped?” Deborah Saldana asked rhetorically. “There’s been plenty of solicitors through the neighborhood that come for signatures, or Jehovah’s Witnesses, or whatever, and I’ve never seen them stopped that I know of … This felt wrong.” Click now to read the story.

The Justice Department is on the brink of announcing that it will not file federal civil rights charges against former Ferguson, Mo., Police Officer Darren Wilson, who shot to death unarmed teenager Michael Brown in Aug. 2014. Prosecutors are working on a legal memo to explain their recommendation. For many of us, however, no explanation will suffice.

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