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Solomon Jones | Inquirer.com In homes that are even the least bit conscious about America’s long history of racial bias, one of many lessons Black parents teach their children is this one: You have to be twice as good to get half as much. That key verse from what I like to call “The Big [...]
Juneteenth, celebrating the end of slavery, is a City holiday for the first time today—but Black Americans’ fight for freedom is long and enduring Justice delayed is justice denied; or so they say. Juneteenth, a day that should soon be a national holiday, commemorates the unofficial but actual end of slavery in these United States. [...]
Three years ago, Mayor Kenney “reestablished” the department’s civilian oversight board. So, WURD’s afternoon host wonders, what’s so different this time? Every big city mayor, hand forced in the moment, has to act big. In Philadelphia, that act is Groundhog Day. Pushed publicly to do something dramatic—in the wake of George Floyd, Philly police violence and [...]

Solomon Jones: Low voter turnout in Philadelphia has transformed Philadelphia. The city that was once the cradle of liberty is now democracy’s tomb.

On Election Night 2015, Mayor-Elect Jim Kenney offered a short, but appreciative, victory speech to the large crowd of supporters gathered at his headquarters.

I spoke with Democratic mayoral nominee Jim Kenney in the days after his convincing victory over a field of five competitors. The wide ranging interview covered jobs, education, marijuana decriminalization and gentrification, but Kenney saved his most interesting comments for the prison system.

Every day on Wake Up With WURD we list the Top 5 stories of the day. Today’s stories include: More video on Freddie Gray arrest; Councilman Goode says it’s about service, not elections; Nebraska votes to abolish death penalty; L.A. raises minimum wage to $15 an hour; Philadelphia Planning Commission opposes prison land deal.

Every day on Wake Up With WURD we list the Top 5 stories of the day. Today’s stories include: Jim Kenney wins democratic nomination for mayor, judge awards over $300.000 to a whistle-blower, and Dougherty wins spot on November ballot for Supreme Court race.

Philadelphia Candidate for Mayor Jim Kenney talks about the lack of negative campaigning during the election.

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