This week is my coming out, of sorts. Not sexually, but ethnically. I’m claiming an identity that I’ve only recently felt empowered to embrace. And it’s scary, but wonderful.

Holidays always pose a unique challenge for the unchurched. But when the narrative makes it way onto worldwide movie screens, it gives me a chance to soapbox a bit about God and the way we present divinity.

In our latest episode of cultural appropriation, several popular websites have compiled social media posts of White women claiming to have “Afros” or “nappy hair.” Girls, you really don’t know my struggle, and it ain’t even a struggle anymore.

WURD Backstage host Stephanie Renée chats with Mehret Mandefro, producer of the documentary “Little White Lie,” about filmmaker Lacey Schwartz’s journey to uncover the family secret that revealed her true identity.

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