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Speaker Rodney Burney. More about the rally and POWER at­es-matter-protestors-plan-mlk-day-march

Speaker Aja. More about the rally and POWER at­es-matter-protestors-plan-mlk-day-march

When the Democratic National Convention brings over $100 million in economic impact to the Philadelphia region in 2016, the Joneses will be ready to cash in. No, we don’t own a hotel, a bar or a den of iniquity, but we do own a house in Philadelphia, and we plan to get our fair share of those millions.

For single folks, Valentine’s Day can be a vivid reminder of lack, a trigger of inadequacy, or a symbol of loneliness. Or, perhaps, it is a prompt encouraging us to hold out for our most authentic definition of love.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, Solomon Jones looks back on the love letters he and his wife exchanged over 18 years ago. The letters reveal a love that has stood the test of time. Click the headline or image to read the full story.

During the airing of the 2015 Grammy Awards, President Obama appeared in a television commercial in which he openly appealed to not just the public, but members of the music industry, to take personal responsibility for ending sexual and domestic violence.

When I made it to the bathroom, it was like a scene from “The Ten Commandments.” Our toilet had overflowed, unleashing the Red Sea onto the bathroom floor. For a moment, the three of us stood there, frozen by the sight of water pouring out of the commode. I almost considered building an ark and ushering out my family two-by-two. But there wasn’t time, so we ran to try to contain the flood. Click to read the rest of Solomon’s latest Daily News column.

Thanks to the release of the movie “SELMA” and the King holiday, there will be a lot of conversation about social justice, civil rights, and equality. But how many of us move beyond the Dr. King sound bytes to embrace the much more durable idea that love should be at the root of it all?

“As a writer, my work is about sharing little pieces of myself. Those who read carefully get a peek inside my mind, where words orbit thoughts like worlds circling the sun. One day that sun is Ferguson. The next it’s Philadelphia. The next, it’s my home. But always, the universe is fatherhood. That much stays the same.” Click the link to read the rest.

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