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  As exclusively revealed on the WURD Up! Radio Show, Gather Central held a flash mob at the South Street Festival in Philadelphia,

It is never easy to hear about friends and loved ones passing, but it’s particularly difficult to say goodbye to those who once loved you unequivocally, long before they reached old age.

After being selected as President Obama’s first inaugural poet and the critical acclaim she’s gaining for her new memoir, Elizabeth Alexander is destined to become the household name that her pedigree demands. But she’s been a rock star to me ever since my freshman year at Penn, when she helped an insecure teenager accept her gift of verse.

While we all need to stand up and do our part to eliminate racism and injustice, very few of us like to have our arms twisted to advance the issue.

Last week the U.S. Department of Justice released a scathing report detailing years of racist, discriminatory and financially predatory practices by the Ferguson police department and other city offices. This week, high-ranking city officials are resigning right and left.

Looking at photos of my mother are almost like looking in a mirror. Though the pain of her death is now distant, the questions I want to ask her are ever-present.

In my experience, feisty babes are born, not made, the product of generations of women who repeatedly defied expectation and societal norms to do things their way. It’s time that they were celebrated.

Speaker Monteiro . More about the rally and POWER at­es-matter-protestors-plan-mlk-day-march

Speaker Bishop Dwayne Royster. More about the rally and POWER at­es-matter-protestors-plan-mlk-day-march

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