Some people prefer not to make a big tadoo over birthdays, anniversaries and such. But life has taught me not to take a single one for granted. Bring on the party!

Part of the challenge of growing up Libra is learning that balance is never the end goal; what’s achievable is to never stop working toward balance, instead of thinking you’ve ever found it.

  As exclusively revealed on the WURD Up! Radio Show, Gather Central held a flash mob at the South Street Festival in Philadelphia,

a moment of poetic inspiration on a day of global celebration honoring womanhood

Congratulations to WURD’s own Stef Renée, Program Director and host of “The MOJO,” and Sales Director Monica Lewis! Both will be honored on February 18 at Joan Shepp’s 15th annual “Women of Substance and Style” awards in celebration of Black History Month.

Jazz lovers from all walks of life are invited to join Art Sanctuary on September 7 as it hosts a free afternoon of celebration at the Historic Church of the Advocate, dedicated to honoring John Coltrane’s contributions to jazz music and the arts and music scene as a whole.

We were all sad to see Philadelphia’s Taney Dragons eliminated from the Little League World Series, but they are coming home to well-deserved celebrations, including a parade this Wednesday!

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