Spring Forth!

Written by on March 20, 2016

Don’t let the snowflakes fool you. Spring has officially arrived. It’s here. It’s happening. So what are you gonna do?

Most of us need the restorative powers of the winter season. A little extra sleep, cooking wholesome meals, being more judicious about running around in the streets after dark…all necessary exercises. And though I am not a fan of Daylight Saving Time, I must admit that once it starts getting dark after 7pm, the tendency to head straight home after work loses its luster. Warmer temps, more sunlight, additional dates on the social calendar. All of that adds up to life calling you to get off the bench and into the game.

Now, I am not a proponent of running the streets for the sake of running around. Truth is: the To Do List that can get you to the next level of your personal or professional objectives does not get any shorter just because the cherry blossoms and tulips are blooming. You can’t wave a wand and elevate to your full potential. However, the spring season is a great excuse to see what’s out there and be a part of the action.

Dreams happen in the darkness, but all good things come to light. If you’ve been waiting for a good excuse to get moving on those heart-harbored hopes and big plans, then the calendar is giving you the go-ahead. Give. Move. Love. Bloom. Spring forth, and let your motion propel you onward and upward.

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