Several aspects of the Breonna Taylor ruling fail to add up

Written by on September 23, 2020

Solomon Jones |


Former Louisville Police Officer Brett Hankison was charged with three counts of first-degree wanton endangerment in the incident that killed Breonna Taylor.

But no one, including Hankison, has been charged with killing her.

That is not justice, and in my view, there should be no peace.

Hankison faces up to five years in prison on each count of wanton endangerment after he and other officers fired dozens of bullets while executing a no-knock warrant, killing Taylor. But in a case in which a woman lost her life, his bail is only $15,000.

That is not justice, and there should be no peace. None of us should rest until Breonna can rest in peace. None of us should rest until this farce is made right. None of us should rest until the answers make sense, and right now the answers just don’t.

It didn’t make sense when I watched a judge announce the three counts Hankison faces. The judge gave the initials of the people Hankison allegedly endangered by firing blindly from outside Breanna Taylor’s apartment.

I kept waiting for the judge to say that Hankison endangered someone with the initials, “B.T.” She never said that.

That means Hankison was not charged with killing Breonna Taylor, and if the judge’s words are to be believed, he was not even charged with endangering her. Instead, he was charged with endangering Taylor’s neighbors in the apartment complex, and that is not justice. That is a cruel and heartless joke. One that doesn’t make sense.

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