Schools require both funding and accountability

Written by on May 26, 2015

AS THE PARENT of a Philadelphia School District student, and a graduate of our school system, it grieves me to see the state of education in our city.

Classrooms that are perpetually in need of basic supplies, teachers who are demonized as they pay for their own materials, administrators who don’t provide adequate support and too many politicians pointing fingers.

All this as the schools face an $85 million deficit, and students become unwitting pawns in a game that no one wins.

That was the backdrop for Tuesday’s hearing in which School Superintendent Dr. William Hite will present the school district’s budget to City Council. There will be tough questions and blunt answers. Then Dr. Hite will call on City Council to support our children, knowing that they can’t refuse.

That has been our pattern for longer than anyone cares to remember. But this time, things must be different.
And so, as the parent of a Philadelphia School District student, as a Philadelphia public school graduate, and as a resident struggling to pay his taxes, I am calling on City Council to fully fund the school district. But only if the district submits to an annual forensic audit.

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