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Bishop Dwayne D. Royster is the National Political Director of Faith in Action (formerly the PICO National Network) and the Designated Pastor of Faith United Church of Christ in Washington, DC as well as the Senior Pastor/Founder Emeritus of the Living Water United Church of Christ in Philadelphia, PA.

Amadee Braxton works for transformative social change by supporting movement building and grassroots organizing, helping social change nonprofits do their work more effectively, and helping progressive candidates get into office.

A creative powerhouse, Envy has been writing, hosting and producing award-winning content for radio, tv, print and the web in the Philadelphia Metro Area for well over 15 years.

Dr. Smith currently serves as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Africology and African American Studies at Temple University. He is the author of "The Murder of Octavius Catto" (featured in the Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia 2015).

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