RECAP: Andrew Young & Ancient African Herbology

Written by on May 15, 2017

For the past two years, WURD Radio has partnered with Thomas Jefferson University Hospital to carry their annual Martin Luther King Jr. Fireside Chat series. In 2016, their guest was esteemed civil rights icon and former US Ambassador Andrew Young.

MOJO host Stephanie Renée caught up with Ambassador Young prior to the event to discuss entrepreneurship and Black Lives Matter, but later in the formal chat, Young shared critical information about how his charitable foundation has been working with traditional faith healers in Senegal who have shown documented success in curing viral infections like Ebola, hepatitis and HIV/AIDS.

You can forward to 52:13 in the video timeline to hear more about this remarkable accomplishment, and look to the Fox network for a repeat airing of a recent one-hour special where the Ambassador provides even more detail about his Foundation’s work in this regard.

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