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WURD’s midday host warns that coronavirus-inspired primary delays could lead to voter suppression and a win for Trump in November—unless we take action now

As coronavirus infections rise and more than a quarter of the national population is in some form of “stay-at-home” lockdown, state governments are operating in a perpetually frantic state of emergency.

That’s for good reason: There is desperate need for leadership to contain infections, prevent an unstoppable tsunami of hospitalizations and keep state economies from going into freefall.

In that context, emergency decisions to postpone upcoming primary elections—as is the case with eight states, including Pennsylvania—may seem practical. And, indeed, it’s easier for Gov. Tom Wolf since he was just reelected to a second and final term in 2018.

Yet, Wolf—being a Democratic governor in a state capitol dominated by Republicans—should be the most sensitive to how consequential Pennsylvania is as a presidential battleground state in 2020.

Conventional wisdom says the Democratic presidential primary is virtually over, but—so long as Sen. Bernie Sanders stays in the race—it’s still officially not.

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