Reality Check: Unexpected Drama in the Philly D.A. Race?

Written by on May 26, 2017

Expectations for the November District Attorney’s race are that Larry Krasner, victorious Democratic nominee, will win. There’s just no way that Beth Grossman, a former assistant DA and the uncontested Republican nominee, can eke out any sort of respectable showing in November. For one: She’s a Republican. But, much more significantly: She’s a Republican in a city like Philadelphia during the Age of President Trump.

It’s bad enough (for her) that she’s decided to actually go out on that mad limb to run—as a Republican—in a city of anxious city residents already feeling besieged by the Trumptocracy and his GOP partners running the legislature in Harrisburg, both running WWE tag team on the city between threats of budget cuts and withdrawn funds over so-called “sanctuary city” status. Much worse (for her) that she’s not straight up about whether or not she voted for Orange Crush last year … which basically means she did. She’s just not saying and that’s just not generally the type of thing to win you any cool points in a city like this one.

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Photo: Beth Grossman for DA

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