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Written by on October 19, 2016

Jones: Police memo seems to encourage illegal ‘stop-and-frisks’

AN AUG. 30 internal memo signed by the commander of Philadelphia’s 1st Police District, Capt. Louis Campione, appears to instruct officers to engage in illegal searches.

Under the subject heading “Administrative Issues,” the memo tells officers in the South Philadelphia district, “Our violent crime is up 100 percent for shootings. We must work to get illegal guns off the street. If they are wearing a belt, it is worth a second look for a gun.”

There’s only one problem. Searching someone for a gun just because they’re wearing a belt is patently unconstitutional. And in a city where the mayor ran for office on the promise to end the practice known as “stop-and-frisk” because it is racially discriminatory and ineffective, this memo indicates that unconstitutional searches continue, sometimes with the blessing of police supervisors.

When will stop-and-frisk end?

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