Daybreak 5.7.20 – Chris Okwedy

Helanah Warren May 7, 2020


Helanah of DayBreak spoke with Chris Okwedy, Founder of I AM Global Outreach based in Wilmington, Delaware and creator of the I AM Affirmations. He shares a clear understanding of the difference between religion and spirituality. Learning that each part of who we are is brought together to ensure that we are moving through our lives in sync can inform our ability to grow and develop spiritually. He discusses how to balance the hurting heart, the logical brain and the intuition of the belly that brings us into harmony in our lives. It is in fact ciritcal that the human heart, mind and body functions effectively and we must begin by changing the way we think. It is also critical to remember who we are and use our daily affirmations to reinforce our intrinsic identity. Tune in to see how easy it can be to reaffirm who you are on the inside.

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