Daybreak 5.20.20 – Dr. Kadisha Rapp

Helanah Warren May 20, 2020


Helanah of DayBreak spoke with Emergency Medicine Physician Dr. Kadisha Rapp, as she shares her personal motivation for choosing this career 20 years ago and updates on the current situation going on today. She discusses the steps we can all take to stay safe and hopeful during this time. We often associate ER visits with high levels of stress and anxiety, however, when we are prepared for a visit it can greatly decrease these concerns. A physician’s top priority is to increase the quality and the quantity of peoples lives, and as a service profession staying calm and calming down patients and their team in stressful situations is very important. Even physician’s are taking precautions to stay safe and to prioritize their personal well-being by practicing self-care during this time, and you can too. Tune in to hear simple ways to stay safe during this time!

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